Kentucky Newsletters

Late Corn Planting (Special Issue of the Corn and Soybean Newsletter) 

Topics Include 
1. Corn Planting Dates and Yields
2. Avoiding Sidewall Compaction
3. Avoiding Anhydrous Ammonia Injury to Corn
4. Other Soil Fertility Concerns: N, P and K 
5. Insect Risks in Late-Planted Corn 
6. Disease Risks in Late-Planted Corn
7. Corn Grows Faster When Planted Later
8. A Quick Word About Soybeans
9. Going Paperless

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Extension Publications

Crop Management 
AGR-195: Replanting Options for Corn | pdf (includes some concepts that apply to late plantings)
ID-139: A Comprehensive Guide to Corn Management in Kentucky | html | pdf
ID-159: Corn and Soybean Production Calendar | pdf

Soil Fertility
AGR-1: Lime and Fertilizer Recommendations | pdf 
AGR-185: Nitrogen Transformation Inhibitors and Controlled Release Urea | pdf 

Insect Management Recommendations for Field Crops and Livestock | html
Resistance Management with Bt Corn
Bt Corn: What it is and How it works
Bt Corn Refuge
Bt-Corn for Corn-Borer Control
Predicting European Corn Borer Development
Southwestern Corn Borer

AGR-6: Weed Control Guide Recommendations for Field Crops | pdf

Other Resources

Corkscrew Corn, Purdue
Corn Emergence, Purdue